Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Recommended Business Hotels In India

Name of the Property Destination Total Rooms
1589 Boutique Jaipur 18 Rooms
1589 Shrivihar Jaipur 19 Rooms
1589 The Royal CM Jaipur 28 Rooms
1589 Comfort Zone New-Delhi 28 Rooms
1589 City Mark Gurgaon 80 Rooms
1589 Rudrapur – Opening shortly Rudrapur 48 Rooms
1589 Delight – Opening shortly Faridabad 70 Rooms

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cakes by 1589 Restaurants Jaipur

Enjoy delicious Cakes at Jaipur by 1589 Restaurants, For your memorable movement like birthday, anniversary and festivals
Our Cakes Are
Black Forest

Flavor- Chocolate curls with two layers of chocolate cream
Price- `350 all inclusive
Weight-2 pounds or more


Flavor - Real chunks of fresh fruit in this mixed fruit flavored cake
Price - `400
Weight - 2 Pounds or more

Triple Chocolate Truffle

Flavor - This is our signature heart shaped triple layered chocolate truffle cake. For those whole love just chocolate
Price -`500
Weight - 2 Pounds or more

Fruit basket

Flavor- This beautifully carved fruit basket shaped cake is topped with whipped cream and real fruit
Price- `450
Weight- 2 pounds or more

White Chocolate Truffle

Flavor- Shaded with chocolate truffle the cake is a combination of chocolate and toffee
Price- `450
Weight- 2 pounds or more


Flavor- This is a heart shaped cake for all the toffee lovers
Price- `450
Weight- 2 pounds or more

The Teddy Bear

Flavor- 1589 kids special, the cake shaped as a teddy bear comes with the option of chocolate or pineapple flavor
Price-` 650
Weight- 3 pounds or more

Friday, August 6, 2010

Boutique Hotels and Resorts India

Boutique Hotels and Resorts India
With tremendous growth in the country's economy there has come about a change in travel concept and how we celebrate. India is on upward swing with the fastest growing middle class and the jet set. The travel concepts are fast changing and evolving as per the current scenario.

Luxury resorts are catching up with five star tourism. In India luxury resorts or boutique resorts as some call it are fully equipped aproperties. They are well equipped with paraphernalia of modern life. Boutique, spa, beauty saloon, ayurvedic massage, professional hair saloon all upscale amenities are essential elements of boutique resorts.

The finest luxury resorts in India are are akin to five star hotels. The difference is basically location with resorts being set up in distant serene and picturesque settings. Apart from luxurious accommodation and spa the resort fit the concept of themed weddings. Caterings and event planning are inherent functionality of many resorts in India.

The ambiance and grand architecture, state of art interior and fairy tale scenario are ideal for theme weddings. Such weddings are also known as destination weddings in India and all over. The rich and jet set prefer theme wedding ceremonies as their preferred way organizing a marriage.

The resorts provide spa facilities for health, rejuvenation and a relaxing experience. They are integral part of business and family travel. Business travelers adapted to corporate lifestyle prefer an escape to distant accommodations that offer both business communication, organize conference and seminars etc. This is an ideal way of conducting business in salubrious climes for the industry big wigs. Top directors, Ceo and high er echelons of company management find the luxury resorts ideal. They prefer deluxe resorts to urban hotels for corporate engagements and braking into big deal and contracts.

The picturesque setting, five star pomp and glitter, luxurious amenities, entertainment, fine dining all sum up well for a family holiday. Though not many can spend a holiday in such expensive mode nevertheless the number is rising in India. The upscale resorts are well known for their extravagance and lavish consumption. Unlike eco-resorts in wilderness the luxury resorts are extension of urban hotel industry.

The resorts contribute to the country's economy by increasing the tourism potential. They are instrumental in attracting inbound tourists who wish to enjoy and explore Indian diversity without sacrificing luxury.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sunday, April 11, 2010

1589 hotels are now located at Jaipur, Delhi, Gurgaon and Rudrapur.

Welcome to Boutique Hotel Jaipur
Boutique Hotels are unconventional and exclusive hotels in unique environments and they are furnished in a themed, stylish and aspirational manner. Usually smaller than a mainstream hotel a Boutique Hotel has on-site dining facilities, and the majority offer wedding parties which usually are also open to the general public.

Jaipur has a large Boutique Hotels collection wich differ to other hotels by providing a personalized level of accommodation, services and facilities. Sometimes known as "design hotels" or "lifestyle hotels".

1589 Boutique Hotel Jaipur is the site where you can find a selection of exclusive Hotels with unique character, located in the most amazing locations in India.

1589 hotels are now located at Jaipur, Delhi, Gurgaon and Rudrapur.

More information visit http://www.1589hotels.com