Sunday, April 5, 2009

1589 Narpat Singh memorial inter-school chess tournament

1589 Narpat Singh memorial inter-school chess tournament is one of 1589’s many endeavours to promote sport and competition amongst the youth. We have started this tournament in remembrance of a beloved family member of the 1589 fraternity who left us a few years back. He served us for more than 20 years and has been sorely missed.
The tournament starts on the 10th of April from 4pm. Teams should check out the website for their draw and any further information.

Rules and Regulations

The tournament will be played in a knock out format with each team consisting of four players. The team will have to be approved by the school but each school has the option of floating as many teams as they may wish.
The seeds of the players will be decided by the captain prior to the tournament and cannot be changed throughout.
Knockout system means that one loss would mean the team would be out of the tournament.
Point system is as follows

1st seed 1point
2nd seed 1point
3rd seed 1point
4th seed 1point

The points will not be carried forward in the next round. This means if ‘A’ scores 4 points in the first round and ‘C’ scores 3 and both of them go through to the second round, both of them will start from zero points in round 2.
The touch and move rule applies to all participants. For drawing a game the team will score half point.
At the end of the tournament a running trophy with the school’s name engraved and the team’s name as well will be awarded to the wining team

Download Application Form and information


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